Run For Your Life-Zombie Run

  • 27 Oct 2013
  • Presbyterian Homes & Family Services and the Family Alliance
It is a Run For Your Life scenario as you make you way through the 3.1-mile Zombie-infested course. With brain-eating undead at every turn, making it out alive is going to take skill. Join the rest of the "infected" at the finish line for a post-apocalyptic party!
Runners $35 (includes t-shirt, party and zombie swag)
You'll have to be quick to make it to the finish line with all of your flags. Lose them and you'll be INFECTED!
Zombies $20 (includes t-shirt and party)
Spread the infection!
Do-It-Yourself, or have the Tactical Team from Wolfbane Productions get you zombiefied and ready to infect!

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