"How Businesses Can Handle Implementation of Health Care Reform" Seminar

  • 19 Mar 2013
  • Altavista Train Station
How Businesses Can Handle Implementation of Health Care Reform” Seminar

The Health Care Reform (HCR) laws mandate that every individual purchases health insurance or could be
subject to a tax [penalty] unless exempted under the law. Employers that employ above a specified number of
equivalent full time employees could also be subject to a tax [penalty]. Beside numerous other taxes the HCR
law also provides for tax credits and/or premium subsidies to individuals that have health insurance premiums
that exceed a percentage of their household income.
We are going to be offering the following FREE seminar at the Altavista Train Station:
Learn How to determine if your business is a “Large Employer” subject to providing “minimum essential
benefits” health coverage to your employees or be subject to a “tax penalty”
• How to avoid the “coverage penalty” of $2000 / full time employee above 30 employees.
• How to avoid the “affordability penalty” of $3,000 per employee getting premium tax credit.
Learn the three Safe Harbor rules that can be used to prevent “affordability pentalty.
• How to avoid being a Large Employer
Learn How the individual mandate will effect your employees
• Learn the tax penalty for every legal resident not having “proper insurance coverage”
• Learn who is exempt from the tax penalty
Learn the effects of the Premium Tax Credits and Subsidies when enrolling in the Exchange
• Learn who is eligible for Premium Tax Credits
• Learn who is eligible for Subsidies
• Learn the maximum cost of the coverage if eleigible for Premium Tax Credit Subsidies
Learn How to decide the best choice for your business in 2014 and why you must act in 2013
• Learn why many employers with under 50 equivalent full time employee may be better off not
paying towards their employees group health insurance
• Learn why many employers with under 100 employees are considering SIMPLE cafeteria plans
• Learn why many employers with over 100 are considering Defined Contribution Health Plans
• Learn how group plans on a fiscal plan year are effected by the January 2014 Exchange rules
Seminar Date: Tuesday March 19, 2013
Seminar times: Morning 9:00 a.m.; Afternoon                 1:30 p.m. ; and Evening 6:30 p.m.

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